Approved Club Routes

Shakedown Runs

Members with vehicles registered under the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) may take their HVS vehicle(s) on these runs on any day of the week and as many times as they wish. However you MUST email the Club Day Book with your route name, day and times so we can enter this in the Club Day Book as required by the RMS and the Club Constitution (we recommend you print out your route directions and keep this in your car for production to police if you are stopped).

The approved routes are from the vehicles normal place of garaging to the route selected start point to the route finish point and back to the normal place of garaging.

No deviation from the approved routes are allowed however you may abandon your route at any point due to any mechanical failure or problems.

These routes have been designed to take in town, country and motorway roads and will take from 20 minutes to a few hours depending on your selection of single or combined routes.

Shakedown Routes